About Us

Turkey's Leader in the Wood Industry Since the 1940s

Since 1998, our company has been continuing our activities in our 8,000m² closed production facility established on a 12,000m² area in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone (AOSB), of which we are one of the founders.

What Do We Produce?

We lead the sector in which we are the leader with the production of pine and spruce Edge Glued Panels, Door Stiles, Laminated Beams, Window Scantling and Special Profiles in the industrial wood sector. We also offer our pellet product made from natural sawdust produced during the production of our products to our customers.

In order to take part in this wide market, Alanyalı Ahşap - Alwado produces with its expert staff trained in WOOD, adopting customer satisfaction as a principle. In general, it produces the highest quality products by combining technology with knowledge. Our goal is to present the warm and friendly appearance of wood to your liking, instead of the cold face of concrete and steel materials.


- 8.000 m² closed, 12.000 m² total factory area
- Automated timber grading machine track
- Automated finger-joint joining machine track
- Automated sawmill-cutting lines
- Modernized profile lines
- Vacuum Impregnation Facility
- Lamination press facility
- Solid panel press lines

Solar Panels Information

We take an environmentally friendly approach by using solar energy panels in our production facility. In this way, we reduce our costs and environmental impact by meeting our energy needs from a clean and renewable source. By producing with solar energy, we aim to support sustainability and leave a more livable world to future generations.